Games Night 10th July 2018

Three of us again this week.
This time we kicked off with a good ol’ oldie:

by Ravensburger
Not one that has been played for a fair wee while (over three years).
A new one to KV so we brought him up to speed with the rules as well as reacquaint ourselves with them too.
And with that, buildings were build, plantations and quarrys were planted and quarried and colonists were put to work.

The final scores:
KV: 41
MC: 44
PH: 42

A victory for MC!

Next up we played:

by Bombyx
We weren’t brave enough to play with the two new expansions, so we played the vanilla game.
We even had some assistance from the cat, Quinny, (short for Quinlan Vos).

KV managed to acquire quite the number of pearls, while MC seemed to encounter in inordinate about of monsters while diving.

KV acquired the 7 lords, thus bringing the game to a close.
The final scores:

Player KV MC PH
Locations VPs 34 10 19
Lord VPs 38 38 43
Affiliate VPs 10 19 15
Monster VPs 0 12 0
Total score 82 79 77

Well done KV, master of the Abyss.


UK Games Expo 2018

On Friday 1st of June 2018, I returned to the UK Games Expo at the NEC in Birmingham.

I had a very specific list of things to get.

First up, I managed to get ahold of the Terraforming Mars expansion

which provides two alternative boards on which to play to increase game diversity.

Next up, I picked to the two Abyss expansions
making Abyss a 5-player game with more stuff to do.

One particular item I really was hoping for was

thankfully I did find a copy, which I believe was the last one available in the entire Expo! Even one of the guys at the stall I purchased it from thought they’d already sold out of it (they only brought 4 copies). I then spotted it and didn’t let go.

Another expansion was for King Of Tokyo

so that all my monsters now have power cards, not just the ones from the expansions I’ve already picked up.

I then picked up a second expansion for Terraforming Mars:

which also allows the terraforming of Venus by using another terraforming tracker (this one’s not mandatory so shouldn’t extend the game time too much).

At the Dice Tower booth I picked up two promo cards:

Which was very nice. I even saw Tom Vasel in one of his hats.

After a little more wandering we stopped for lunch.

Then made our way to the DogEared Games booth, where I spotted the guy who sold me the StakBots decks last year. This year he got me interested in playing Colour Chess against his colleague.

After completely destroying him, we picked up a copy:

Back to awandering we spotted the Catan Sheep

Giant version games, including 7 Wonders, Ticket To Ride, Colt Express and Takenoko

We visited the good people at GeekNSon and picked up a couple of items.

The Wargaming section was most impressive, all those sets are amazing, particularly the Battle Of Hoth

During the wanderings I also picked up


The we once again passed this stand

and bought a copy.

In the Catan section we had a sit down to play

with two chaps called Gavin and Garath.

During the game we used our newly acquired GeekNSon Dice Tower

So many people came over to ask where we got it from.
Gavin won.

We did some more wandering and saw some stuff:
The family zone with games to be played on nearby tables.

The GeekNSon Crew:

And just a few games stalls:

The last game we picked up was

Shortly before it closed, we made our way out.

That was a lot of fun!

For a closer look at the things we picked up check up the video I did on the subject:

Games Night 27th February 2018

It’s been quiet lately, so I’ve changed the day to a Tuesday: 3 players this week…
This did mean PH was able to attend and he brought with him:

by Mindware

After PH explained the rules we played 2 games.

This is the final view of game 1 which MC ended by playing his final tile:

A cat joined us for the second game.


Game 1 Game 2
6 4 3 (Started) 6 2 3 (Started)
12 9 7 16 11 8
18 15 11 20 17 11
21 29 QWIRKLE 18 32 QWIRKLE 22 24
27 35 22 39 27 33
37 40 25 51 QWIRKLE 34 37
41 45 29 56 51 QWIRKLE 40
55 QWIRKLE 49 32 63 56 57 QWIRKLE
64 44 32 70 62 62
71 50 44 QWIRKLE 76 68 72
79 59 49 85 74 87 QWIRKLE
93 QWIRKLE 64 54 93 89 QWIRKLE 104 QWIRKLE
100 78 QWIRKLE 60 103 105 QWIRKLE 113
109 93 QWIRKLE 65 109 119 QWIRKLE 117
116 101 77 QWIRKLE 116 131 QWIRKLE 125
123 111 85 120 136 133
135 QWIRKLE 124 90 127 141 139
145 130 104 QWIRKLE 145 155 QWIRKLE 143
160 (Ended) 136 108 155 (Ended) 160 150
3 Qwirkles 3 Qwirkles 3 Qwirkles 2 Qwirkles 6 Qwirkles 3 Qwirkles

Next up we played:

by Bombyx

In which that long-suffering gardener did his best to grow as much bamboo as he could but was often thwarted by the hungry bamboo guzzling panda.

Final scores:
MC: 30
PH: 25
SC: 28 (Played all cards)

Games Night 22nd February 2018

Three players this week, I’m thinking of changing the day we have this.

First up we played:

as provided by KV and by Czech Games Edition
A new one for all three of us.

KV (Yellow) mainly dominated the green food and wood wheel, HG (Red) enjoyed the brown resource wheel and MC (Green) made much use of the red and yellow wheels (and the blue one too). These were the wheels we sat closest too…

At game end the scores were:
HG: 15
KV: 27
MC: 47
Hurrah for MC!

HG then bowed out leaving MC and KV to play:

by Bombyx
MC quickly explained the rules to KV and dives were…um…dived, Lords were acquired and locations were located.

Final scores:

Player KV MC
Location VPs 10 9
Lord VPs 45 50
Affiliate VPs 19 15
Monster VPs 7 3
Total Score 81 77

Very well done to KV!

An evening where we can’t win at out own games.
Good stuff!

Games Night 25th January 2018

Three of us again this week.
This week we played two games of MC’s Christmas present

By Bombyx
It’s not really a game to be recounted blow-by-blow so here are the two scoreboards:
Game 1:

Player HG MC SC
Location VPs 12 20 13
Lord VPs 41 48 33
Affiliate VPs 17 21 16
Monster VPs 0 0 5
Total Score 70 89 67

Game 2:

Player HG MC SC
Location VPs 12 11 12
Lord VPs 31 44 39
Affiliate VPs 8 14 15
Monster VPs 3 0 2
Total Score 57 69 68