Games Night 22nd December 2019

This is for #Blogmas 2019
Six players to start off with:
As half our number were new to the gaming scene, we thought we’d break them in gently with:

by Libellud
Thankfully, there were familiar with Balderdash, so this wasn’t too much of a stretch for them. Indeed. for most of the game Sharon led by a comfortable margin, but unfortunately stumbled near the end and Sabrina was the one to successfully cross the finishing line first.

Next up, another good starter game:

by Mayfair Games
This was particularly exciting because I got to use my 5-6 player expansion for the first time ever.

We explained the rules and commence playing.

Sharon (red) got hemmed in so struck out for those points via development cards. Stephen (blue) made a good strong start and was the favourite to win. Malcolm (white) dominated the west side of the board. Marion (brown) got hemmed in the south east corner, but had more wiggle room than Sharon. Georgina (green) got squashed in the middle but managed to upgrade to all her cities and Sabrina (orange) got squeezed in the east side but did have the largest army.

At the end, Malcolm upgraded to his second city, revealed a point card and declared victory with the longest road. However, when counting up everyone else’s scores, it was revealed that Georgina had already attained the 10 points when she upgraded to her fourth city. Her isolated settlement in the north east had been forgotten about and had that all important final point.
Well done Georgina!

Games Night 26th May

Catan Seafarers
A warm welcome to SF this week (no PH, AL didn’t being Science Fiction to games night – though that would have been pretty neat, SF’s Superman shoes sufficed quite nicely).
With SF being a little new to the whole gaming thing, we decided to go old school and bedazzle him with Settlers of Catan…with the Seafarers expansion to make it more interesting for those more familiar with the base game.
From the get go, PH (Green) demonstrated his immense deducing capablilites by taking five minutes to place his first Settlement. This did indeed go on to be a long game.
MC made the best Catan-Bot
SF (Red) streaked into the lead, first with a new Settlement then with the longest road. PH also dominated the small portion of the board he was able to occupy. AL (White) and MC (Blue) barely did very much of anything. MC did make the best Catan-Bot though, while PH got cards almost every single roll.
AL then started to expand, stealing the longest road off SF. PH claimed the largest army and the first City.
MC was the first to land on another island and claim a gold mine (which produced all of 1 time). SF was next to reach an island with AL claiming 2. PH, being all blocked in didn’t claim any.
AL then revealed he had the winning VP as a card, during SF’s turn, making us all play one fruitless turn so he could play it, then realised he had enough points to have won during his last turn anyway.
Final Scores:
AL – 15
MC – 7
PH – 13
SF – 9
The End