Games Night 20th September 2018

We numbered three again this week were we gave a nice warm welcome to DV.
We started off the evening with the newly acquired expansion to Star Realms by White Wizard Games

We played the free-for-all variation of this competitive space-based deck-building game. We were all far too nice to each other and slowly whittled each other down to the single numbers.

It could have been anybody’s game, except it actually was MC’s who dealt a staggering 23 points of damage and healed himself for about that too.
Victory to MC!

HG decided to call it a night, leaving DV and MC to go all Timey-Wimey with

by Looney Labs
As expected the standard play of Draw 1 Card then Play 1 Card quickly deteriorated into drawing 5 and playing the entire hand.

In the end, DV played the guaranteed randomly make someone a winner card that made him collect out all the creepers then deal them back out again (we needed 3 Daleks at this point to win and there were currently in play). DV managed to deal himself the 3rd Dalek and was victorious!

Finally, we set about learning how to play the also newly acquired

by Gamelyn Games
We decided on the Cooperative play and we found ourselves up against the Zombie Greaser (who advanced the Zombie hoard at a quicker rate than normal). Our objectives were to Investigate the Source, which we misread and did all 5 instead of only 3; Escort the Army, which we also misread and thought that Zombies spawning on the same space were automatically crushed; Call the C.D.C. which we did finally get the hang of.

In the end we did just manage it, literally with the final card having been revealed. We also know a lot better for next time.
Regardless, this was really great fun.

Games Night 29th June 2017

Four of us again this week.
While there were three of us we had a quick game of Loony Labs’

PH of course turned up during the game and got dealt in.
KV went on to win due to the Rule stating that Creepers don’t stop you winning and by having the two required Keepers (the only 2 he had)

The main even was

by Arcane Wonders courtesy of KV.
After KV set it up and explained the rules we then went on to play the game…well duh!
KV chose to start with a level 3 Economy Pyramid.
MC edged his bets and went for a level 2 Economy Pyramid and a level 1 Defence Pyramid.
PH followed KV’s example with a level 3 Economy Pyramid.
DA chose to go for the Level 3 Defence Pyramid.
Temples were quickly snatched up with MC being the only player to hold more than one at the end of the first day, including the Sacrificial Temple.

Needless to say on the second day, MC got systematically hammered into prehistoria and never held a temple again.
The Sacrificial Temple was hotly contested starting with MC who lost it to KV who lost it to MC’s retaliation who immediately lost it to PH with an Elephant and held it against MC’s subsequent retaliation.
DA went largely uncontested for the majority of the game, brushing off MC’s Scorpion-assisted attack as nothing but losing a temple to KV and ending the game.
Final scores:
DA: 5
KV: 8
MC: 4
PH: 4
KV has clearly played this one before

Next up we all took turns to take on the persona of

by Matagot also courtesy of KV.
Not really a write-uppable game, you had to be there so I’ll pick out the highlights:

MC called KV’s bluff finding a contraband Bread in a batch of Cheese. KV had accidentally put the Bread in instead of the other Cheese.
DA played the greasy sheriff so well we all took our bribes back and told him to go without.
PH successfully lied.
Final scores in order of revelation:
MC: 109
KV: 125
PH: 171
DA: 204
MC thought he’d done quite well with triple figures…so did KV.
Well done DA.

Finally we had two games of Flatlined Games’

After a solid lead in the first two rounds, DA lost first place to KV.

KV continued his winning streak with the first two rounds of the second game. The third round saw a massive pile-up in the middle of the house leaving MC and KV in joint first place. DA, who caused the rumpus happened to find his two house-mates in the same room in the middle of the house and just piled house-mates in. A ploy that might have worked out, but didn’t.

Player of the night award goes to KV who won almost everything.
Noob of the night award goes to MC who could get to grips with the combat system in Kemet and failed at being a Sheriff.

Games Night 9th June 2016

This week AS made Board Games in Bedford an international thing by visiting us from France. Okay, he happened to be in the area at the time, he didn’t specifically fly on over here just for this event. Thank you for joining us. And a welcome back SF.

With PH still en route, four of us kicked of with a game of Fluxx.
As more and more new rules came out, this game got convoluted quickly. PH arrived and perused the latest tabletop Gaming magazine tabletop Gaming 5 from the pile kept handy for just such occasions. MC managed to kill off some of the more annoying rules before AL stole the Keeper he wanted from AS and won the game.
With all present, we moved onto the most voted for game, with 3 votes:
Ticket To Ride Europe
After explaining the Tunnel game mechanics to AL and AS as well as all the rules to SF, we all got cracking with placing our trains. MC optimistically kept all his tickets.
After a few rounds SF finally realised that he could use the cards he was accumulating in cute little piles in front of his to place his trains.
At about the 4th tunnel AL finally understood the mechanic (to be fair, the 1st 3 tunnels were built without any penalties, so made little impact).
AS played the game-ending move leaving MC with one 4-length tunnel and only 3 matching cards away from completing his big ticket!
The Final Map
PH utilised an app he happened to have handy for the scoring, which turned out thusly:

AL (Yellow) 59 train points, 10 longest route points, 30 completed ticket points: Total score: 99
AS (Blue) 78 train points, 26 completed ticket points, -8 incomplete ticket points: Total score: 96
MC (Black) 67 train points, 16 completed ticket points, -26 incomplete ticket points: Total score: 57
PH (Green) 63 train points, 36 completed ticket points: Total score: 99 and the winner due to the tie break condition as he had completed the most tickets
SF (Red) 57 train points, 20 completed ticket points: Total score: 77

With a bit of time left, we became gibbering, raving Cultists with
Munchkin Cthulhu
Always a risky game to be used as a filler, this one went on for over 90 minutes.
AL kicked off and very quickly built up a considerable armament as did PH. MC had a Go Up A Level as a starting card so did just that, SF took the slow and steady approach and AS found himself not doing very much at all.
MC then died horribly at the hands of some unwholesome awful thing.
Once resurrected, he promptly died again thanks to thanks to AL embiggening the unnameable terror.
He's dead Cultist, Jim
AS also managed to kill himself in a bid to get rid of his rubbish cards and start over, a ploy that worked well to get him off the starting block.
SF’s tried for the hat-trick by sending over a wandering Cthulhoo, with PH’s assistance this clash grew to epic proportions, which all came to nought as MC and PH managed to successfully run away.
PH came dangerously close to winning, but was thwarted by MC.
MC did kick the bucket for the third time before AL managed to attain the glorious heights of level 10.
Final scores (as near as I can remember them):
AL – 10
AS – 7 (1 death)
MC – 7 (3 deaths)
PH – 8
SF – 4

Games Night 14th April

Four players tonight and a new game to everyone.
Taj Mahal
While the board was set up and PH read out the incomprehensible rules MC played a quick game of Space Invaders.
Shplot! Shplot!
With only one UFO though, it was short lived.
And now the main game began. MC was told to play a card, so he did. This cause many issues and references again to the rulebook. After an age, comprehension finally dawned upon the four muppets present and PM finally played his card and the game was underway. It wasn’t until about 2 thirds of the way in when realisation dawned that the bonus white cards which were claimed pretty quickly had never been played or made any type of reappearance to the game. Again the rulebook was consulted. Ah! We get to steal them from each other when the tokens say we can. So, MC should have got the Princess first but then it goes to PM. That brief half-second was the only time in the entire game MC held a white card. PH had raced into the lead, but PM, now Princess assisted, quickly closed the gap along with AL who managed some decent province connections. MC was still in single digits and wondering what the hell he was doing wrong. During the final two provinces, he managed to step it up a bit, score a whole bunch of points and muck it up for PH big time as well as build the Taj Mahal. Was it enough? Nope, no it wasn’t.
End Game
Final scores: AL (Sand): 44, PH (Grey): 42, PM (Red): 41, MC (Blue): 23

With a bit of time left we decided to call forth:
Only a few rounds of which each player managed to play before AL killed it with an all-defeating Antigoal, which PM then played a Surprise, stealing victory for the jaws, claws and unmentionables of the Great Old Ones and looked smug about it too.