Games Night 29th November 2018

Five of us this week with an excellent attempt at

this time with the newly acquired expansion

by FryxGmes

So corporation and prelude cards were dealt out, this was what we picked:

Prelude 1
Prelude 2
Prelude 3

MA got an extra prelude card because of his corporation.

We drafted our starting cards this time and play then got underway.

When we normally play this, the heat goes right up, so we concentrated on other aspects and the heat didn’t go up. Oxygen was the first to be achieved with water a close second. Venus didn’t enter into it, which was a pain for MC who had invested heavily in Venus.

At the end of the game, the game ended.
Mars got Terraformed! – We have proof:

Final scores
DA (Blue): 83
LP (Red): 84
MA (Yellow): 55
MC (Black): 47
PH (Green): 59

Very well done LP! Such a close finish there!

Games Night 26th June 2018

This week three of us played:

by by by Fryx Games
This time we played on the blue Hellas side of the new board.

DA played as:
MC played as:
PH played as:

PH was very prepared this time and his used his 3D printer to produce these production counter trays to keep his cubes steady:

And a very nice job they did for him too.
Too bad DA didn’t have a set, he knocked his board.

Mars was soon Terraformed, though nobody cared too much about Venus this time.

The Milestones achieved were:
The Tactician: MC
The Polar Explorer: MC
The Energizer: PH

The Awards achieved were:
The Cultivator (backed by PH): 1st place: PH; 2nd place MC
The Space Baron (backed by DA): 1st place: DA & MC

Final scores:
DA (Blue): 67
MC (Red): 72
PH (Green): 80
Well done PH!!!

Games Night 19th June 2018

This week 5 of us played a game of

by by Fryx Games
this included the two newly acquired expansions:
We played on the green Elysium board.

The corporations chosen by the players were:
DA (YELLOW) invested in Martian cities with:
KV (BLACK) had the money when it came to Earth with:
LP (RED) had floater power with:
MC (BLUE) benefitted with relaxed requirements with:
PH (GREEN) could double up actions with:

In a game where things like oxygen, temperature and water levels needed to be increased…oxygen, temperature and water levels were indeed increased.
And in style.
In tandem to the stiflingly hot evening, the temperature was maxed out at +8 degrees centigrade first, followed by the oxygen levels. 9 water tiles quickly followed suit.

LP backed the Industrial and Benefactor awards. He attained both awards with MC getting 2nd place. MC backed the Venuphile award for himself with LP getting 2nd place.
KV reached the Legend milestone.
LP attained the Specialist milestone.
MC made it to the Ecologist milestone.

Final scores:
DA: 47
KV: 63
LP: 65
MC: 63
PH: 52

Well done to LP for being the bestest terraformer there is. Runner up went to MC who had more money than KV so won the award of being the first loser.

Games Night 22nd May 2018

A very warm welcome to LP who found us through this website.
LP arrived fashionably early and so we had a quick game of:

by White Wizard Games
LP quickly developed his strength and hammered MC, but MC had invested heavily in the Trade Federation and was able to regenerate a lot of authority.

In the end MC was victorious dealing a solid 23 point blow to LP.

With all players now present we played:

by FryxGames

This time we played as named corporations with:
KV being in charge of
LP was CO of
MC attempted to run
PH performed as head honcho of

This time round, it appeared that being able to breath was the highest priority with the Oxygen levels reaching 14% first.

Next up, Mars sported its ninth body of water.

Closely followed by a much warmer temperature.

Three Awards were funded: Thermalist (MC), Landlord (LP) and Miner (KV)
Three Milestones were claimed: Mayor (LP), Gardener (LP, and Builder (KV)

Final scores:
KV (Yellow): 56
LP (Blue): 73
MC (Red): 56
PH (Green): 54

Very well done LP!!!

Games Night 15th May 2018

Tonight three of us had a go at terraforming Mars in the game:

by FryxGames
Being very confident early on MC funded the Thermalist Award (PH won that).
All three players achieved a Milestone.
The temperature was turned up very quickly closely followed by the oxygen levels. PH managed to finish off the Terraforming of Mars by placing the last two water tiles.

Final scores:
HG: 75
MC: 74
PH: 91