Games Night 31st May 2018

This week the evening started a little earlier than planned with HG popping round for a quick 2-player game of

by Cryptozoic Entertainment
We’d had an impromptu couples of game previously and she defeated me in both games at 5 Last Wizards to 1.

This time, I gave no quarter and won the game undefeated.
By this time LP, KV and PH had arrived. HG bowed out and left us to play

by Rio Grande Games
We played on the German side of the map and quickly got busy bidding for power stations, purchasing fuels and building installations in cities.
KV got in an early lead, with MC dragging his heels at the back.

MC eventuality caught up, leaving LP in the dust, but had his awesome powerfulness cut out from under him at the last crucial moment by KV who deliberately and maliciously bought more barrels of oil than he needed leaving an insufficient amount on the shelf for MC to buy and power his epic power station. LP thought this was a hoot.

Final scores:
KV: 17 cities covered with 17 cities powered.
LP: 15 cities covered with 14 cities powered.
MC: 18 cities covered with 12 cities powered.
PC: 18 cities covered with 18 cities powered.
The winners award goes to PH for, erm, winning.
The Kaaaaaaaaahn!!! award goes to KV.
The Nelson Muntz award goes to PL for laughing at MC’s plight.


Games Night 30th November 2017

Four of us this week and a warm welcome back to AL.
We played

by Rio Grande Games as provided by DA.
A new one for HG and MC with AL and DA not having played it for some time.
DA appraised us of the rules and very kindly left out all the expansion extras for our first go at this.
Upon the first ship building phase we bombarded DA with “What’s this?”, “What does this one do?” and the ever popular, “What the hell is that?” as each tile was revealed. With AL, DA and HG having finished their ships to their satisfaction, they waiting for MC who, seeing it as the untimed round, revealed every tile in the quest to find what he wanted. It wasn’t there.

So we sent the ships off on their adventure. Many planets were visited, derelict space stations were ransacked and astronauts were sacrificed to the hungry ing and many spaces were travelled backwards. The end of the journey saw all ships unscathed and monies were awarded. MC had the best-looking ship with 0 exposed ports.
Round two saw the first “timed” building of the ships with DA apparently more keen to turn the timer than build his ship. Again, MC was the last to complete his to his satisfaction.
The second voyage amongst the stars was only marginally more eventful than the first with only superficial damage done to a couple of ships. MC had the fastest ship with 6 engines and again won the best-looking ship award with 0 exposed ports.
In round three, the ships were built and sent off into the great unknown, known, and kinda heard of. DA’s ship immediately lost its entire crew and drifted aimlessly in space. With MC’s ship in the front, it was down to him to repel a series of pirate attacks. Which he did. And got paid very handsomely too for it, thank you very much. HG’s ship then fell foul to numerous asteroid strikes that disabled all of its engines. As far as we know, her crew are still out there, sitting around a spacesuit-fuelled campfire singing kumbaya and toasting whatever it is in the green cubes with marshmallow toasting forks nobody remembers packing for an interstellar journey. I suppose they would be pretty handy eye-pokers for repelling boarders, as long as they have eyes and don’t have acid for blood…

…Anyway…AL’s and MC’s ships went on to actually complete their treks and earned money type stuff. MC once again had the most gobsmackingly open-portless ship (okay, there was 1 this time but shhh!).
Final scores:
AL: 53
DA: 7
HG: 24
MC: 95
Well done MC getting more than everyone else combined.

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Games Night 8th June 2017

The week KV dragged someone from his work. A warm welcome to PW.
PW brought Rio Grande Games’:

So we played it.
We went for a random deck: Pawn, Steward, Mining Village, Duke, Minion, Torturer, Harem, Nobles, Coppersmith, Saboteur.
It made for an interesting game. KV and PW wasted no time in getting high currency early while MC didn’t seem to achieve much at all. KV invested heavily in the Pawns while MC went for lots of actions. The most convoluted turn belonged to MC who ended up with fifteen cards played and a total of 8 coins – the only time he managed such a large number. MC also caused a little strife with the only Saboteur purchased in the game. PW got very vocal about that card and how many VPs it cost him (8).

With the last Province claimed by PW the game ended.
Final scores:
KV: 18
MC: 15
PW: 43
Of course we had to let the new guy win…that’s what happened…

The next game was from ever-growing Asmodee.

The garden spread languidly across the verdant blue table surface, under the kaleidoscopic array of colours emitted by the lighting embedded it the wooden sides. The hard-working farmer toiled his utmost best to grow a tranquillity itself in the form or a beautiful bamboo garden fit for the Emperor. Only the bloody voracious panda thwarted him almost at every turn, the bastard!
PW quickly got some scored cards down but then realised the low value of them compared to what KV and MC played out. Power tokens were played where no power tokens were needed, bamboo was eaten that would have preferably been not eaten and garden tiles were placed to infuriate and block landscaping initiatives.

KV was the first to play the 8th card and won the acclaim of the Emperor and MC was able to complete his set of 8 on his last turn. PW got a bit grumbly with 6 cards.
Final scores.
KV: 35
MC: 41
PW: 23
What is this, MC winning something? It won’t last, I tell you.

To round off the evening we did a spot of haunting with Tinkerbot Games’:

After MC explained the rules we then proceeded to play the game in a very different way. For some reason this was never picked up until the following morning when this write up was being considered.
Instead of taking turns to move our ghosts one room at a time, we each instead moved all three moves in one turn. It made for a very strategic alternative that worked brilliantly. The ghosts did become a bit redundant though, and it was contemplating this that I realised that we’d played it different.
Having played it both ways, I’d recommend this alternative version as a decent variant on par with the actual proper way of playing it.

MC dragged behind for the majority of the game, with PW in the lead. However, MC took a major
catch-up couple of turns and the game finished at:
KV: 169
MC: 172
PW: 165
What a very close game that was!
Oh and well done MC. That’ll be your winning done for the next couple of months…